Title: The New Oslo Central Station /Location: Oslo, Norway /Site: Oslo Central Station /Area: 100.000m2 /Program: Development at the Oslo Central Station consisting of station facilities, shopping, hotel, offices, conference, restaurants and an event space /Client: ROM Eiendom /Status: First prize, Competition 2008, to be completed 2017 /Design: Space Group /Team Competition: Gary Bates, Gro Bonesmo, Adam Kurdahl with Wenche Andreassen, Grant Cooper, Jose Hernandez, Kasia Heijerman, Karsten Huitfeldt, Fredrik Krogeide, Leon Rost, and Naofumi Namba /Team Sketch Project: Gro Bonesmo, Gary Bates, Adam Kurdahl with Jens Noach, Fredrik Krogeide, Jose Hernandez, Wenche Andreassen, Mark Bol, Leon Rost with Juliane Greb, Gesine Gummi, Sassi Heiskanen, Claudia Laarmann, Hans Papke, Rebekah Schaberg, and Alexandria Ålgård /Logistics: Atkins /Landscape: Schønherr Landskab /Structure: Norconsult/AKT- Adams Kara Taylor /Cost Analysis: Bygganalyse /Visualizations: LUXIGON /Model: Supermodell and Nordic3D